The Hydration Station offers a combination of infused steam and infrared technology that improves the quality of your skin while you escape in an aroma steam experience. It’s engineered with radiant heat and steam to transform your skin into the ideal canvas for sun or spray tanning in less than 30 minutes. Some guests who use Hydration Station before a sunbed or spray tan session experience results that are more even and longer lasting.

The Hydration Station creates steam which can help open up our pores and allow our spray solution better adhere to the skin. Think about the Hydration Station as your go-to pre-accelerator! For best results, use Hydration Station once before every Spray Booth session.

Suntan like a Sun Pro with a session in the Hydration Station! The Hydration Station can help produce a “tingle factor” in the body and skin, without a hot sensation, to pre-stimulate the skin before entering a sunbed for a sunkissed glow. If you’re looking for the ultimate boost in color, some guests prefer to add melanin as an enhancer. We recommend using the Hydration Station at least once every two sunbed sessions.