Chester Salon
UV Tanning Beds
Level 1
Our Low intensity bed. It has UVB rays which will help build your base tan and increase your melanin production. This is a good bed for tanners with fair skin or who have never tanned before.
Level 2
Our Level 2 bed is a higher intensity bed which has more UVA rays that will darken your skin color faster giving you a bronzer look.
Level 3
Our Level 3 laydown also has 3 facial lights that can turned on or off from within the bed as your tanning. This bed is a little larger that the level 1 or 2 beds which allows more movement while in the bed. This bed will give you new color as well as deepen the color you may already have. This bed bed has much higher level of UVA bronzing rays.
Level 3 Standup
Our Level 3 Standup bed is good for all those hard to get places like the lines under our butt or under your arms. As in the laydown, the bed is a much higher level of UVA bronzing rays than the level 1 or 2. This is a quick bed being only 10 minutes because of the high intensity of the tanning lamps.